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20 Eco-Friendly Amazon Gifts on our Favorite List

1.  Eco Beach Toys: This toy set is biodegradable, non-toxic, and made with natural bamboo. 

2. Plastic Free Phone Case: A compostable alternative to traditional plastics. This phone case is phthalate and BPA free.

3. Biodegradable Cutlery Set: These utensils are heavyweight and compostable.

4. Compostable K-Cup Pods: These pods are made from plant-based materials and are certified compostable by BPI.

5. Compostable Sandwich Bags: These bags are durable and made from plants, containing no polyethylene.

6. Paper Straws: These colorful rainbow straws are eco-friendly and BPA free. 

7. Eco-Friendly Pet Bags: These bags are made of compostable plastics.

8. Compostable Trash Bags: Certified compostable made from plant starches and contain no polyethylene.

9. Diatomaceous Earth: A powder that acts as an exfoliant when cleaning and can be used as a pest barrier around your house.

10. Bamboo Dish Cloths: Made with bamboo fibers these cloths are highly absorbant with multiple uses. 

11. Counter Compost Bin: A ceramic countertop compost bin that allows you to collect up to 4-quarts of food scraps.

12. Variety Herb Seeds: Includes 10 of the most popular gourmet herbs.

13. Bento Box: A eco-friendly compostable box made from 70% wheat straw and BPA free.

14. Ceramic Pan: This pan achieves non-stick without the risk of exposure to GenX, perfluorinated chemicals, and other chemicals.

15. Bamboo Tea Bottle: Made of bamboo this mug keeps your beverage hot or cold.

16. Gift Wrap that Grows: This gift wrap grows and blooms into wildflowers. 

17. Air Purifying Bags: Strong bamboo bags that deodorize using activated charcoal. 

18. Bee House: A beehive gift set for gardening. 

19. Pot and Grow Kit: Lavender flower grow kit with a bamboo pot.

20. Bosai Tree Kit: This kit includes 4 types of miniature bonsai tree seeds, soil potting mix pods, pots, bamboo plant markers, tools, and instructions. 

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