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20 Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

The best gift you can give a cancer patient is money directly to them. Being sick is costly between medical bills, travel, and additional unexpected services. A few other genuinely helpful gift ideas are a subscription to a food delivery service, grocery delivery service, gift cards, meal train, rides to treatment, gas cards, hiring a cleaning service, and just being there as they go through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and post-surgery.

Remember, always start at, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile Purchases to Fight For Zero. 

1. Awareness Shirts

Fight For Zero is a campaign in Florida where activists are fighting for zero contaminants in the water and soil. The campaign was launched after the discovery of cancer-causing chemicals were found in the water. Every purchase goes towards independent testing, positive projects, helping patients, and saving future generations. http:/

2. Chemo Beanie Hat

Hair thinning or chemotherapy-related hair loss is common during cancer treatment and is especially troublesome as the weather turns cold. Colorful hats and scarves may be just what is needed to keep the head covered up in style. 1. Beanie Sleep Cap.  2.  Abbey Cap Chemo Hat. 3. Mens Beanie. 4. Gypsy Love Headbands

3. Sensitive Skincare 

Cancer treatment can cause a variety of skin issues. In general, skin can become compromised which might mean dryness, thinness, discoloration and/or sensitivity. Luckily there are general products to help. 1. Line Skin Fight Back Pack  2. Drifting By The Sea  3.  Juice Beauty 4. 100% Pure

Hair loss during treatment isn't just limited to the hair on your head. Some people experience hair loss on their legs, arms, pubic hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Each person responds differently to chemo, with some classes of the drug more likely to cause hair loss than others. 

4. Brow Stencil Kit

This amazing brow set is like your own personal and portable brow bar that includes everything you need to define, fill, and shape your brows, in one travel-friendly mirrored palette. 1. Aesthetica.

5. False Eyelash Kit

Some will experience the thinning or shortening of lashes rather than a complete loss, while others will go through recurring cycles of loss and regrowth. False eyelashes are an option that many consider. 
False eyelashes are available at most drugstores and cosmetic counters, costing anywhere from $3 to $100 a pair. Before putting them on, you should always spot test the glue on the inside of your arm to confirm whether or not you have an allergy.  1. KISS adhesive 2.  Lash Multipack 

6. Slippers or Socks

Soft, snuggly, and plush, every pair of feet deserves a warm pair of slippers. A cute button detail accents these comfy classics, and there is truly a pattern for every personality! pull on these sweet slippers and feel your cares melt away. 1. Muk Looks Women's 2. Mens Two Tone Snoozies

7. Hoodie & Sweatpants 

Sometimes your circumstances can really affect your desire to want to put effort into yourself. Going through chemo isn’t always a comfortable or enjoyable process. So why not make yourself feel better by dressing comfortably but still sitting in style! 1. Selowin Women Casual Pullover 

8. Tea Tumblr

Drinking tea has been found to provide tremendous relief to those who are undergoing chemotherapy relief. Herbal teas can be enjoyed either hot or over ice, and not loonily keep patients well hydrated but can also provide added benefits depending on what tea you choose. Ask your Oncologist about drinking green tea during treatment or radiation, as there are some studies that indicate it may make certain cancer cells less sensitive to chemo. 1. Bamboo Tea Tumblr  2.  Assorted Teas 

9. Chemo Tote + Activities 

The time that some patients spend at facilities during treatment can be long and boring. A few gift ideas to help your loved one pass the time; 1. Chemo Tote 2. I am a cancer warrior coloring book.  3. Friendship Bracelet String. 4. Music Subscription.

10. Cancer Planner

Best Health Organizer: Keep everything pertaining to your health in one neatly organized binder that's portable and easy to carry to doctor appointments, chemotherapy treatments, hospital visits, emergency room visits. Planner pages can be added or removed when needed, while the binder remains timeless storage for all your documents. 1. Canplan

11. Nausea Candy Drops

Organic ginger candy drops and lemon drop morning sickness, nausea relief, motion sickness, chemo drops with vitamin B6. 1. Ginger Drops  2. Peppermint Drops

12. Magnesium Spray & Salts

Two bottles of our most soothing Magnesium Spray remedies for muscle AND joint pain in the legs. Your gift pack includes Arthritis & Joint Pain + Leg Cramps Sprays – The Ultimate Magnesium Relief Set. 1. Epsom Salt

13. Reusable Mask

Worn on the ear Adjustable.5 layer activated carbon filter flexible replacement. M-shaped nose clip for a comfortable fit, Allows for easy breathability. Unisex, One size fits most. 2. Mask

14. Skin Cooler Pad

Radiation oncology can cause itchy skin as well as burns. Special creams and gel sheets can be both therapeutic and comforting. Leaves of an aloe plant can be helpful. Some products include lidocaine in their ingredients to reduce pain. Gel sheets can be refrigerated prior to use and are both cooling and soothing. 1. Lindi Cooler Pad

15. Oral Complications

Oral complications occur in almost all patients receiving radiation to the head and neck areas as well as nearly 40% of patients receiving chemotherapy. Some complications occur only during treatment while others such as dry mouth may persist for many years. It is a good idea to use dental products specifically formulated for dry and sensitive mouth. 1. Biotene Mouth Rinse

16. Sleep Masks 

A good night's sleep. 1. Forrest Sleep Masks

17. Hand Sanitizer Bundle

Stay germ-free. 1. Sanitizer Bundle.

18. Warming Covers

1. Fleece Massage Warmer  2.  Warming Pad

19. Filtered Water

1. Multipure

20. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set 

 1. ArtNaturals Set

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