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Fight For Zero Releases Interactive Map For Florida Cancer Cases

SATELLITE BEACH, FL., Jan. 3, 2019/FightForZero/ — The nonprofit organization, Fight For Zero, in conjunction with Florida Health Connection and DP Geotech announced the release of their interactive map that shows self-reported autoimmune diseases and cancer diagnoses throughout the state of Florida. A wide array of additional data is also available to map (e.g. dug up military artifacts, water testing data, heat map and more).

Florida Health Connection gathers data through crowdsourcing to share the public health burden of environmental pollution. This crowdsourcing effort is what aided an investigation into the high incidence of Satellite Beach cancer cases. The map provides an immediate visual summary of information.

This will help Fight For Zero determine areas that need further investigation, testing, studies, and bring safety and health to communities.

To view the map visit:

To report your cancer diagnosis:

To report your autoimmune visit:

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