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The Conservation Podcast: Are Florida Waters Safe?

Are Florida Waters Safe?

"With over 12 million visitors annually, and most of them going to the beaches, life, health, and tourism all center around the water. Climate change, pollution, sewage spills, developments, big agriculture, big sugar, and fertilizers on lawns all contribute to deadly blue-green algae blooms, and unprecedented red tide kill off. 

Stel Bailey from Fight For Zero talks about cancer, pollution, and paths forward to a cleaner environment and a healthier future. is an amazing resource of information for people wanting to visit Florida or residents there, and also a way for anyone dealing with illness to reach out and be part of a bigger community. With water testing, illness and pollution tracking, and activism throughout, this website is one of the best resources I have found. 

Colleen Marie is a clean water activist that found dead dolphins during the red tide as she walked beaches on Facebook live, bringing the reality of the situation to a far-reaching audience. She talks about the overall struggles both the movement and the water face for a healthier tomorrow. A non-stop activist, she works to bring education to adults and kids alike. I recommend to follow her feed, she does a lot of good live videos, and her posts are always on our world or informative and fascinating aspects of nature. 

Michelle Bisson is an eco-tour guide that spends her days on the water. She talks about how tourists react to the water, how the water has changed over the last few months and her thoughts as a Mom.

Karl Deigert talks to us about the Rights Of nature Movement. This innovative approach needs your help and could shift the paradigm of how nature is treated legally."

The Conservation Conversation Podcast Episode 2
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