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Do you consent to fluoride in your water?

The city of Melbourne, Florida, will continue to fluoridating drinking water. Melbourne began fluoridating drinking water in 1966. We spoke at the meeting in favor of the citizen's initiative to remove fluoride from their Melbourne drinking water. 
Unlike pharmaceutical grade fluoride in toothpaste, the fluoride in your water is an untreated industrial waste product.

A few things we wanted to relay back to the public that we noted during this meeting:

1. Two of those votes to keep fluoride in the water were based on the fact that the Department of Defense put out a memo saying they supported fluoride and use it at all military bases. With that in mind, two council members felt that sufficient enough to keep fluoridating the community. Furthermore, it was stated that the military does not harm its own. 

We did a follow-up email after the meeting:

Dear Mayor and Council Members,

Ending the fluoride discussion on November 26, 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense was mentioned. While we respect the decision made, we are concerned that it was based on erroneous facts regarding the military and bases never harming their own. The military is one of the country’s largest polluters, and it’s no surprise that the military produces dangerous waste, whether its ammunition components, unexploded ordinance or paints, and thinners. Agent Orange, Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit, Gulf War, Ionizing Radiation, Toxic Embedded Fragments, and contaminated drinking water are just a few of the toxic exposures men and women who serve are exposed to. As a family readiness volunteer and an advocate who works with other organizations across the nation advocating for health registries for veterans who had exposure to certain environmental hazards, I feel it’s important to share examples of chemicals approved for use by the Department of Defense and later found to be harmful. We know that the fluoride removal will not be voted on again, but we will continue to acknowledge the community's right to choose to have chemicals removed that are not in the water supply for purposes other than water purification.

2. A state employee of the Department of Health from Tallahassee was displaying unprofessional and appalling behavior throughout the meeting. Sent as a representative for children, she was heard mocking and laughing at a 15-year old who came to speak against fluoride in his water. 

3. A large portion of the dentists who showed up to the meeting were also unprofessional and can be heard laughing, groaning, and making fun of anyone who spoke in opposition of the fluoride.

4. Fight for Zero is not anti-fluoride; however, we are against artificial chemicals being added to our water. There is a difference between NATURAL fluoride and ARTIFICIAL, and that seems to be missed by the vast majority of presenters. Fight For Zero supports informed consent and the communities RIGHT TO CHOOSE. We encourage civic engagement, and all of those who do not want artificial chemicals and toxins (PFBA) placed in their drinking water should continue to write their officials and voice their concerns.  

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