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Reports of Uncovered Military Debris in South Patrick Shores, Florida

The first reports of debris in South Patrick Shores were by workers in the 1950s who discovered vehicular batteries and barrels. Residents throughout the years believe that past dumping operations were carried out before homes were built. After WWII, the use of toxic chemicals is suspected of contaminating water on bases and nearby communities with chemicals ranging from cleaning solvents, explosives, and firefighting foam.

Our community grassroots effort spearheaded an investigation into what military waste might be buried in yards, under houses, and elsewhere in South Patrick Shores. Together we uncovered and documented military waste through metal detecting, digging, social media, and mapping.

We will continue mapping reported debris throughout Florida and submitting information to the federal agency who can investigate, and possibly move ahead with a cleanup project under the Corps Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) environmental cleanup program.

Report Uncovered Military Debris in Florida here on the website under Submit or send to 
  • Please attach or provide a link to any images you may have of the military debris you found using either dropbox, smugmug, Google Drive, or a similar site. By submitting photos to us, you hereby assume responsibility of ownership of is copyright work and grant us permission, the exclusive right, to display, or publish the images on our website or third-party sites with full credit. 
To read more about the history of South Patrick Shores and what Fight For Zero discovered visit: What Lies Beneath South Patrick Shores? 

Archived Orlando Sentinel Newspaper | #FightForZero 

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