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35+ FREE Environment and Science Educational Resources for the Kids

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There are simple ways to teach your children to value the environment like taking nature walks and having them write about the things they saw, smelled, or heard. Other fun activities include planting flowers, creating pollinator habitats, bug exploration, and nature photography. We will be covering other activity ideas in another blog post. We decided to share some of our favorite free online worksheets that are educational for those who stay at home or on rainy days. Download the worksheets by clicking the links of subjects you're interested in teaching below:

Online Games:

Kids Environment, Kids Health 

Kids Dragon Games

Learning Science Games 

Legends of Learning

Mr. Nussabaum Science Games 

NASA Science Games

Science Games PBS Kids 

Science Kids 

Turtle Diary

Printable Coloring Pages:

Beach Cleanup Coloring Page 

Classroom Doodles 

Coloring Pages Earth Day

Coloring Pages Environment

Crayola Earth Day Coloring Pages

Earth Day Coloring Page 

Environmental Coloring Pages 

National Geographic Coloring Pages

Science Coloring Pages

Environmental Lessons:

All About Tap Water

Bad Microbes

Be Kind to Mother Nature

Can You Bag It?

Classifying Wastes

Composting Process

Discover the Ecosystems

Environment and Pollution

Environmental Word Search

Getting Around in the Water

It Can Be a Hazard

Lesson: Air Pollution

Lesson: Natural Resources

Lesson: Water Pollution

Modeling Wastewater Treatment

Ocean Facts

Recycling vs Garbage

The Good Microbes

The Many Phases of Water

The Water Cycle

Water Conservation

What is the Environment?

What is Wildlife Conservation?

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