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Trevor's Law and the Fight Against Childhood Cancer in Florida

Fighting childhood cancer clusters in Florida

Trevor was diagnosed with brain cancer at 13 years old. His mother started to notice that many other children were also being diagnosed in their area. She started investigating and asking questions.

Trevor Schaefer survived his childhood cancer and became the founder and executive director of Trevor's Trek Foundation and Trevors Law.

In January 2011, with bipartisan support from state senators, Trevors Law was introduced to legislation to help communities determine whether there is a connection between "clusters" of cancer, birth defects, and other diseases and contaminations surrounding the environment. It was passed in 2016.

According to Trevor's Law, once disease clusters and their possible links to toxins in the environment are identified, the federal government is required to document and track the cluster. 

When you start noticing that so many of the people you grew up with are getting sick but can't prove why it's frustrating.

That's why Trevor has created a database specifically for childhood cancers. Fight For Zero tracks all diseases throughout Florida. Still, we hope that collaborating with Trevor's Trek Foundation, will inspire Florida parents to participate in the Cancer Busters Project by reporting their children's diagnosis to the website. Identifying information is the first step in enforcing Trevor's Law.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer in the state of Florida.

It's up to us to fight for the causes we believe in and support. Fight For Zero is tracking disease clusters in Florida, but we can't do it alone. If you suspect that a childhood illness was due to an environmental factor, please take a minute to fill out this critical Community Impact Form on Trevor’s Trek Foundation. This is the first step in enforcing Trevors Law.

If you suspect that illness was due to an environmental factor and was diagnosed in Florida, please go to to submit your information.
Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer in the state of Florida.

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