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A Study of the Transfer of Toxins in the Indian River Lagoon 

We are seeking those who fish in Brevard County to donate their catch for a study of the transfer of toxins in the Indian River Lagoon. What you need to do:

• Keep fish whole and on ice (or keep frozen)
• Make sure it is legal and in season
• Label with date, time caught, and location (GPS or use well-known landmarks). Please include your name and phone number.
• Fish should be from Indian River Lagoon or connecting waterways

Drop off fish at Rigg's Bait and Tackle in Melbourne, FL (Fight for Zero can help you get your fish to the drop off location. Let us know when you'll be fishing and where we can pick up).

This is a part of Team ORCA's citizen science fish monitoring project. They currently test for lead, mercury, microplastics, and microcystin. All of the samples are preserved and we are in discussion on getting the fish tested for contaminants like PFAS. They would be a great opportunity to fish with your kids while contributing to science and data. Help us spread the word! To date, there has only been ONE fish donated. We can do better Brevard! Let's show ORCA what we can do!

More information on their website:

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