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40 Must Watch Environmental Health Films

 A 2000 film about a mom who fought for justice after learning that Pacific Gas & Electric had been poisoning a small town with chromium 6 in CA. You can watch this film directly on YouTube.

 A documentary about central Florida's phosphate mining industry and the impacts of their pollution on the environment, wildlife, and human health. To watch  
 A series about Florida's freshwater springs and the activists fighting to save them from nitrate pollution and drying out. To watch  
 A mini-documentary about a forever chemical known as PFAS found in Florida and across the nation. To watch  
 A film about an attorney, Rob Bilott, played by Mark Ruffalo, who risks his career and family when he takes action against a chemical corporation. Based on a true story. To watch  
 A documentary that tells the story of Americans fighting one of the largest known polluters in the country - the United States military. To watch  
 A film based on a true story about female factory workers who were poisoned from radium used in the paint they put on watch dials. On Netflix.  
 A film about the Deepwater Horizon Drilling accident, a chemical called Corexit sprayed all along the coasts, and the health impacts on communities and workers. To watch  
 A film about a massive chemical spill that left 300,000 people without drinking water for months. Found at  
 A documentary about the lingering health effects of the nuclear incident in Pennsylvania and how communities were impacted. On Netflix.  
 A CA mom discovers that the site of one of the largest nuclear accidents in U.S. history may be responsible for exposing her daughter and community to cancer-causing radioactive waste. To watch  
 A series by Earthjustice show farmworkers exposed to toxic chemicals. One of the communities impacted is Lake Apopka, Florida. For more, visit  
 A large-scale investigative series on the trillion-dollar unregulated cosmetics, beauty, and personal care industry. Watch on HBO Max.   
 A film about the synthetic chemicals that our bodies are exposed to daily and how our disease rates are rising. Watch  
 A documentary about the high cost of bottled water and the industries profiting from our natural resources. Watch on YouTube.  
 A documentary about communities near St. Louis, Missouri, being impacted by dumped radiative waste. Watch on HBO Max.   
 A film about Camp Lejeune's polluted wells, high cancer rates, and the impacts of harmful pollution on military personnel. Watch on​  
 A film that follows the disaster that unfolded in the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Watch it on  
 A documentary follows an environmental activist from Portland, Oregon, who is bringing awareness to lead poisoning.  
 Mossville, Louisana was founded by former slaves and was a thriving safe haven until giant petrochemical plants started poisoning the residents.  
 Cancer Alley is home to seven of the 10 most carcinogen-ridden census tracts in America. The untold story of the most contaminated place in America and the people who live there.  
 A documentary about how humans have been affected by low-level chemical exposure over the decades. Watch on Amazon Prime.  
 An investigative film studying the link of harmful toxic blue-green algae that may be causing Alzheimer's disease. Watch on​  
 How waste risks the food chain and impacts our air, land, sea, and health. Watch on YouTube or Vimeo.  
 An investigative film that looks into the impacts of fracking on environmental and human health. Watch on Amazon Prime.  
 A documentary examining marketing tactics used to influence public opinion on toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and climate change.   
 "Everything causes cancer nowadays." Manufacturers and retailers have no obligation o reveal the chemicals used in their products. Watch  
 An educational film that follows the daughter of an industrial chemical distributor who investigates toxins now found in every baby born in America. Watch on  
 A Netflix series that exposes fraud, corruption, and the consequences of our health from today's food industry.
 A Netflix film that follows scientists, divers, and photographers fighting to stop the dying reefs. Learn more at  
 A Netflix film that examines the global fishing industry and how human activities cause widespread environmental destruction.   
 An adventure documentary shot in more than 20 locations shows the consequences of plastic pollution.  
 Following environmental photographer James GB and his quest to highlight Americans on the frontlines of climate change.  
 Conservationist and paddler Mark Angelo went on a three-year river journey only to learn of the irreversible damage that the fashion industry has inflicted on water supplies.  
 A documentary about Rachel Carson, whose groundbreaking book, Silent Spring, published in 1962, sparked dramatic changes in how pesticides were regulated. PBS Documentary  
 An inspiring film that follows a group embracing permaculture and living in a sustainable community they created. Watch on YouTube.   
 A documentary asks, "Are there too many of us for planet earth?"Watch on Amazon  
 A film about how our public lands face unprecedented threats from extractive industries and the politicians in their pockets. Watch now:  
 It is an inspiring film that shares solutions to a sustainable future and how communities can change how they live. Watch on YouTube.  
 An inspiring film that shares a simple solution for climate change. Composting and scaling back chemicals. Watch on YouTube.  
 An aspirational journey to discover what the future could look like if we simply embraced the best that exists today.

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