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About Fight For Zero

Connecting Health & Environment

A Florida community-driven group taking on polluters, fighting for clean water, organizing statewide campaigns, sharing health-protective data and information, and working towards solutions alongside national allies.

Our grassroots movement began with a group of cancer survivors and caregivers who learned of Florida's carelessness with its environmental resources. Our common bond was illness and the discovery of harmful chemicals in our water. We found that the risk of developing rare diseases at young ages was much higher with our exposure to toxic substances from chemicals dumped into our waterways. 

We became advocates and stood at podiums, some for the very first time. We worked tirelessly to build relationships with both communities and experts, attended local and regional meetings, and organized our own. ​

The lack of standards and accountability had affected human life, marine survival, wildlife, and water quality. Each of our experiences against life-altering diseases and learning that our water was contaminated transformed into a strong desire to save lives. 

Our work goes beyond the environment as we observe how pollution contributes to cancer and other debilitating diseases in communities exposed to harmful chemicals. We realized that we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently by working together. That is why we ultimately decided to launch a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a home office in Brevard County, Florida. 

A single goal drives us; to promote clean water, air, and soil because maintaining a pristine ecosystem improves our quality of life. Our team is dedicated to the environment and defending everyone's right to a healthy community. 

We have worked diligently on numerous environmental health issues in Florida. Our efforts include building community engagement, education, advocacy, citizen science, building resources, and delivering effective solutions to improve our damaged ecosystems. 

Comprehensive studies and high-quality data inform our decision-making process. We strive to build productive relationships and positively impact all of our pursuits.

We are passionate about making a difference and saving lives. With your help and that of our many allies, we can make a difference in combatting pollution and disease rates. 

Fight For Zero Initiatives 

Fight For Zero knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most notably, through the actions of our initiatives. Since 2014, we have been determined to make an impact. 

Water Quality Testing & Citizen Science

Working with professional partners and laboratories Fight For Zero trains citizens in water quality testing to help increase data on the presence of chemicals like PFAS and herbicides that would otherwise go unassessed in our rivers, drinking water, and groundwater. Citizen science gives communities insight into how pollution impacts the environment and the ability to identify contamination in return helping reduce pollution sources and exposures. 

Cancer Cluster Investigations

We push for studies and investigations into abnormal rates of disease and advocate that our national agencies examine the impacts of harmful exposures. Cancer and exposure to toxic substances in the environment are difficult to connect because a "latency period" takes 15-20 years after your environmental exposure before you're diagnosed. Fight For Zero began crowdsourcing health information in 2014. This data is crucial in helping communities in environmental studies and independent testing. 

Early Disease Detection & Prevention

By bringing awareness to harmful environmental exposures Fight For Zero has been able to help people detect their diseases in their early stages improving the outcome and quality of their life. Through education, we have also focused on disease prevention by educating families on how to reduce their toxic exposures. We believe this is an important public health strategy and is saving lives.   

National Enforceable Drinking Water Standards

Just because you cannot see, smell, or taste a contaminant doesn't mean it's not there. Industrial dumping, pesticide runoff, and weak federal chemical safety laws risk our water quality and have lifelong consequences for our health. We advocate for science-based drinking water standards for infants, children, and vulnerable populations.

Stopping the Sources of Pollution

If we continue to pollute our waterways with chemicals, sewage spills, waste, trash, unsustainable development, contamination, and nutrients it will be an endless cycle of costly clean water projects. In order to bring back a thriving ecosystem, we must get serious about stopping the sources of pollution. This is why Fight For Zero supports measures to ban toxic chemicals, integrate sustainable food packaging, incentivize plastic reduction, prevent sewage overflows, & more. 

Wildlife Monitoring

Animals spend more time outdoors than humans, increasing their exposure risk and helping us observe environmental factors that cause changes in the ecosystem. Temperature, oxygen, pH, lack of nutrients, and harmful chemicals can impact wildlife and the ecosystem. Our ambition is to demand clean water not only to protect human life but our fisheries, marine animals, birds, and more.  

Remediation of Impacted Communities

Unfortunately, when it comes to water quality and waste Florida performs poorly. Everyday chemicals are released into the environment. It affects our land, water, and health. As a result of polluting our area, it may cause health effects. Polluters must be held accountable financially for contamination, especially where polluters deceive local communities, regulatory agencies, and their shareholders in order to continue their harmful practices. We must hold polluters accountable to clean up, including the cost of long-term maintenance of infrastructure.

Protecting Future Generations

Children are often the hardest hit by the consequences of poor environmental exposure. For their size, they breathe more air and drink more water than adults, making them more vulnerable to environmental health hazards. It's also important that we connect kids to the water, wildlife, and ecosystem so that they can enjoy it and will want to protect it. Fight For Zero includes youth scientists, environmental education, and other kid-friendly projects that connect them to our natural resources.  

Empowering Advocates & Grassroots Groups

We collaborate with groups across the nation assisting in organizing, community outreach and engagement, science communication, and advocacy. Our passion is to help communities take on these challenges and guide people in their activism so that they can join the fight for clean water. Our online workshops share information from various experts and have included everything you need to know about public record requests to social media marketing. 

Education & Resources

Communities cannot make informed decisions if they are not aware of the environmental issues that may be impacting them. This is why Fight For Zero strives to share resources, raise awareness of science-related topics, and increase understanding of how contamination can impact their health. All people should have access to environmental testing, data, information, and other resources.  

Taking Action & Solutions

Helping communities come together to take action by reducing pollution, getting civically engaged, hands-on activities that directly improve the environment, and brainstorming unique solutions; drinking water filters, planting natives to uptake harmful chemicals, artificial reefs that don't have plastic material, bio rock, and more.  

Campaigns for Change

Bringing environmental awareness through various campaign initiatives such as "shoot for a cause" a creative photography project, "protect paradise" landscape photography, #StopTheSource of pollution trash cleanups, paddle-outs with your neighbors, planting projects, and more. 

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