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Meet the Fight For Zero Founder

Stel Bailey, Executive Director

Stel Bailey is the Chief Executive Director of Fight For Zero, Co' Facilitator of the National PFAS Contamination Coalition, and a recognized environmental health advocate who has worked as an assistant environmentalist collecting samples and gathering critical data. 

Bailey's life took an unthinkable turn in 2013 when her father, brother, the family dog, uncle, and herself were diagnosed with cancer and with no family history. Their case was so unique that they had genetic testing, which showed no mutation genes, indicating they did not have an increased risk of developing the disease. Determined to find answers, she began to crowdsource cancer cases in her hometown on Florida's space coast. As she spoke out about her family's case, she connected with others affected by diseases in unusual ways.

Through extensive research, Bailey learned that her family was exposed to man-made substances and legacy contamination from the Department of Defense and space industry activities. There was careless dumping of hazardous chemicals into the county's waterways, multiple cancer cluster investigations dating back to the 1970s, ALS cluster concerns, and in 1978 the drinking water in Brevard County was rated the worst in the United States.  

As a cancer survivor and military dependant, Bailey became passionate about clean water, toxic exposures, the environment, and disease prevention. Her powerful testimony of overcoming illness and losing her family to environmentally caused diseases has given her an influential platform to educate and inspire others to care more about the ecosystem. She leads creative efforts to inform the public on the burdens of contamination and related chronic diseases. As a mom of two, she strives to transform her children's future by taking action to protect their future.